Gravitational Theories

Mariano Cadoni, Parul Jain, Matteo Tuveri

General relativity and extensions: Black holes; Minimally coupled Einstein-Maxwell-scalar theories; Entanglement entropy vs statistical entropy and thermodynamical entropy; Ultra-compact objects such as boson stars and wormholes; Gravitational waves. Cosmology: Models for inflation; Dark energy via holographic description. Holographic description: Black brane solutions; AdS/CFT correspondence; Domain-wall/cosmology correspondence; Fluid/gravity correspondence. Alternative approaches to GR: Emergent gravity.

Hadron Physics

Umberto D'Alesio, Carlo Flore, Francesco Murgia, Cristian Pisano, Rajesh Sangem, Pieter Taels, Marco Zaccheddu

An updated extraction of the quark transversity distribution and the Collins fragmentation function from recent SIDIS and $e^+e^-$ collision data. A new study of the potential contribution of the Sivers and Collins effects to the transverse single spin asymmetry in polarized $p p \to h X$ processes at large Feynman $x$. Study of the process dependence of the Sivers and Collins effects in polarized $p^\uparrow p \to\text{jet}\,\pi X$ processes. Study of transverse single spin asymmetries and TMD factorization in $\ell p \to\pi X$ processes. Study of TMD evolution and non-perturbative effects in transverse momentum spectra of Z-boson production in Drell-Yan.

Mathematical Physics

Salvatore Mignemi, Giacomo Rosati

Theory and phenomenology of models with spacetime non-commutativity. A particularly strong effort is being devoted to the study of Snyder noncommutativity and other models which lend themselves to the study of the interplay between spacetime curvature and momentum-space curvature.

String Theory

Giuseppe D'Appollonio

The Regge limit of inelastic string amplitudes at tree level, using both the light-cone Green-Schwarz vertex and the covariant Reggeon vertex operator. A precise interpretation of the eikonal operator through the explicit tree-level calculation of generic inelastic transitions between closed strings as they scatter off a stack of parallel $D_p$-branes.


Piero Olla

Microscopic swimming, with particular interest in the exploitation of external means (presence of an external flow, of thermal fluctuations, etc.) to aid propulsion. The dynamics of a population in an external flows, especially as regards the role of demographic fluctuations in the problem. Modelling of turbulence and turbulent transport by random fields.


Soliton theory; DNA dynamics. (M. Cadoni) ...

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